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Just made this blog post to help you guys to Install IDM full version for FREE using IDM CRACK or IDM PATCH. I have found so many blog post for Downloading IDM full version for free but none of the method described on their blog is working perfectly. They are directly or indirectly cheating people with wrong information. 

Follow the steps below and enjoy using IDM for free. 

Internet Download Manager(IDM) has a very smart algorithm to download a file with five times the download speed of any browser, IDM is widely used all over the world and considered as one of the most popular download manager out there. It supports easy integration on all the browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer without any additional extension.

Internet Download manager(IDM) is not a free software so it requires registration serial key in order to use the software, If you are looking for free serial key or IDM Crack then you are in right place, In this blog post I will show you how to download IDM and register it without any fee.

There are so many blogs out there which is providing free IDM Crack but all are fake and they are making money directly or indirectly by misleading people, I have come across some blogs which is providing infected file that may harm your computer, some files contains malware and virus which is capable of stealing your personal info or some contains keylogger which is used to monitor your computers keyword activity, so guys don’t download files from such websites and torrents because torrents is a big place for viruses and malware.

So, What is IDM Crack | IDM Patch ?

Any crack software has some illegal methods to unlock the full version of software, it is a file which is replaced in place of installation path to unlock the full version.

IDM Crack is Given in RAR file –Download Link is given below.

This is Working for all version released after 4th January 2013

Steps Required to Install full IDM for free

  1. Download the latest version of IDM from Official Website.
  2. Download IDM Crack or IDM Patch from link given below.   
  3. After installation of IDM completes then note down the installation path in my case it is C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager 
  4. Copy the IDM crack which is named as IDMAN Application.exe 
  5. Go to your default installation path in my case it is C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager and paste the Crack file which is IDMAN application.exe 
  6. Choose paste and replace existing file option if asked by window OS. 
  7. Now Exit the IDM Completely and Kill the existing process. You can kill the running process by going to task manager> process tab> right click IDMAN.exe and choose end process thread. 
  8. After ending IDMAN.exe process run the other file which is named as "RUN REGISTRY ENTRY FILE" and then restart your computer. 
  9. You are done, now it will never ask for any serial key for registration. 

If you are unable to unlock IDM with the method described above then you can use another alternative method which is described below. 

  1. We will use IDM Serial Key which is provided in the download file. 
  2. After complete Installation of your IDM from official website run key generator file .exe. 
  3. It will generate automatic random keys based on your registry and cookies. 
  4. Write the generated keys in product registeration page and you are done. 
  5. I will not promise that this key method will work for you, It can work so it is your luck. 
  6. Apart from this method, The above IDM Crack or IDM Patch method is working 1000%. 
This Internet download manager free download working for Windows OS Only

Free Full Download required files from link given below..

IDM Crack 2013 download

If you have any query then please feel free to ask, I am always here to help you and please do not spam the comment box with unusual questions like, give me serial key, etc. All the necessary files is given in .RAR file. If you face any problem in applying above method only then feel free to ask.


  1. Thank you for this fresh and clean post, i found your video in youtube and then landed in your website, i have a problem, i have successfully installed as per the steps given above and IDM was working fine without any problem, then at evening when i started my computer it says registeration required... so wat could be the problem...

    Waiting for your reply...

    1. because u did not restart your computer after running "RUN" file, follow the steps and let us know whether it worked for you or not...

      To All users, Please do not skip the restart process, otherwise it ll not work!!!

    2. Thanks Admin, It is now working without any problem, you rock!!

  2. thanks a lot!!! working 100% , you made my day!!

  3. there is somthing wrong in my host file plz tell what to do??

  4. I followed all your instructions but am having problems. When I ran IDM after restarting it said that it was missing an internet integration file because a third party had removed it (the crack, I suppose) and asked me if I wanted to download it. I said I didn't, and that I didn't want to update IDM either, but now it just doesn't work.

    I've tried downloading files and IDM just doesn't catch them, they start their regular download with Chrome. ¿Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much

    1. It is already confirmed by other two people that this crack is working properly without any problem and i am also using this crack in my pc so I think there is a problem with your PC.. IDM catches download automatically in Mozilla firefox, so try using mozilla..
      or try to integrate manually in mozilla and chrome , . if it does nt work then let me know, I ll fix it..

  5. PLEs koi tareeqa batao yaar boht mushkil hai

  6. PLEs koi tareeqa batao yaar boht mushkil hai

  7. Worked for me, no problem at all, i tried exact steps as given above, if not work for you then try to integrate manually, i think you are getting integration problem...

  8. Thanks a lot, working nice.. nice sharing!!

  9. Working ... Thanks!!!

  10. thanks a bunch, working like a charm. brilliant share

  11. great share mate, working for me.. merci

  12. nice step by step explanation, thanks

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